New Exposé of Kripalu Maharaj to coincide with Prem Mandir opening

Vrindavan, 2012.02.13 (VT): As the grand opening of the Kripalu Temple of Love (Prem Mandir) in Vrindavan nears, many in the local community are receiving the majestic project with mixed feelings.

Indeed the opulence of the temple, made entirely from pure white marble imported piece by piece from Italy, stands in stark contrast to the muddy reputation Kripalu Maharaja and his disciples have managed to gain around the world.

Now 90 years old, Jagadguru Kripalu Maharaj has gained the adulation of countless followers who follow him with almost fanatically blind devotion. His disciples claim that he is an avatar greater than Krishna or Chaitanya Mahaprabhu — while denying a growing body of documentation from ex-disciples who tell the same stories of sexual contact with females followers, often minors, sometimes consensual, but just as often not.

What is more, the traditions that Kripalu set into motion by his own example appear to be carried on by many of his disciples, not the least of whom is Prakashananda Saraswati, the founder of Barsana Dham, a huge temple project in Austin, Texas, and the main mover behind the Vrindavan Prem Mandir, until his name was sullied by a guilty verdict last year in an American court, which found him guilty of 20 counts of molesting minor girls.

Karen Johnson, an American follower for over 15 years, after becoming aware of the “dirty little secrets” of the Kripalu organization, has spent the last few years researching and writing about her experiences with the goal of exposing the cult for what it is. The full title of her book is “Sex, Lies, and Two Hindu Gurus: How I Was Conned by a Dangerous Cult—And Why I Will Not Keep Their Secrets.”

We had the pleasure of speaking to Ms. Johnson an getting an idea of what this book is about and why she wrote it.

Jagatguru Kripalu Maharaj

VT: Tell us a bit about yourself and how you came to write this memoir.

LJ: I was a member of the Jagadguru Kripalu Parishat (JKP) cult. I lived in the JKP ashram formerly named Barsana Dham in Austin for 15 years. When I realized that I was a member of dangerous cult with dark secrets, I decided that it was necessary to expose them. I founded a Facebook page called The Truth Project for Barsana Dham and JKP, where I collect and disseminate information about the JKP cult. I started as an innocent spiritual seeker, but now I see myself as warrior seeking justice for children harmed by these gurus.

VT: Why did you choose to release the book at the same time as the opening of the Prema Mandir?

LJ: I specifically chose this publication date because I want to contrast Kripalu’s public image with the truth. The sole purpose of the new giant temple is to glorify Kripalu Maharaj—who uses the self-designated title “jagadguru.” Kripalu has been arrested for rape twice during his 60-year reign as a Hindu “spiritual leader.” Yet, he has never been held accountable for these or any other crimes, and the true story has not been fully told until now in my book.

What’s more, this date is close to the one-year anniversary of Prakashanand Saraswati’s criminal trial in Texas and his escape into hiding in Mexico. Prakashananda Saraswati was one of the driving forces in spreading Kripalu’s message in America as well as in building the Prem Mandir and collecting money for it.

VT: What exactly has Kripalu Maharaj done that is so heinous?

LJ: Well, the main thing that most people find reprehensible is Kripalu’s bedroom rituals. Because he is considered to be an avatar of Krishna, his sexual touch and so on are supposed to be a gift of divine love, or prema dan. He gives private audiences to women he can manipulate and blesses them by sexual touch. He invites women to give him “charan seva”, a kind of massaging ritual which usually incorporates sexual touching.

What is worse is that many of the higher placed disciples act as pimps and procuresses finding and bringing young girls to Kripalu. I was in Austin when the daughter of one Indian American devotee, a virgin, refused to go. What is incredible is that the father of the girl himself reacted bizarrely and actually blamed her for not serving her guru. I have given a detailed account of this in the book.

VT: In your book you say that you did not find out about any of this until 2007. You had already been in the organization for 15 years. Why do you think it takes people so long to “wake up”?

KJ: The main reason that I stayed for so long is that I believed what these men said, which is basically that they (alone) could guide and grace me so that I could achieve God realization. That was my primary goal when I met them. I had no idea the entire time that I lived in the ashram what exactly was going on in their bedrooms with adult women and underage girls, because they were very, very good at making those who knew keep their secrets. In the beginning, I naively accepted that they were “saints.” Once I believed that, then I was pretty much doomed, because all of their teachings begin with that core deceit. For example, because they are “saints,” their actions cannot be judged by mere mortals, and, in fact, to judge them is to create an irredeemable “transgression” (sin, aparadh), and you’ll never reach God if you commit such a sin. In hindsight, my problem was believing the initial deceit – that they are saints. Which, of course, I now know they are most definitely not.

As for other people, I believe that they do not want to accept that these men are not saints. Many people have “invested” a lot in this belief, including their time and money. Some people have abandoned family members for the gurus, while others are forced by their family to stay in JKP. Some people’s egos are huge, because they think they have found the highest form of God on Earth (they brag about how Kripalu is THE Jagadguru of our age). And in the case of some of the women, they’ve had humiliating bedroom experiences with the gurus, and they do not want to face the fact that they have committed these acts with some slimy con man. They prefer the deceit to the truth.

VT: Do you work together with other “anti-cult” groups?

KJ: No, I am not. I have been too busy since I left the JKP cult. I have had to heal from the traumatic experience. I spent a great deal of time supporting victims of this cult. I have researched to learn more of these gurus’ secrets. And I have written my memoir, Sex, Lies, and Two Hindu Gurus, which was a major undertaking.

I do not want to be a voice speaking out only against cults, because that would be a victim mentality. What I want is to be a voice speaking out for our eternal relationship with God, which people like fake gurus and other spiritual con men and women only further blind us to.

VT: You seem to be saying that the religion itself is bogus. Is that what you think? What is the relationship between the 15 years you spent following the JKP people and your current thinking on spirituality?

KJ: If you mean that I am saying Hinduism is wrong, the truth is that I have never said that. What I have said is that what Kripalu Maharaj and Prakashananand Saraswati taught was a huge distortion of what I’ve since learned about this religion (or what some people call a “dharma”). I knew nothing about Hinduism when I joined JKP at the age of 33. So whatever I learned while I was in JKP, I learned from them.

I have since spoken with many Hindu people, and they have explained some of the basic tenets of Hinduism to me. There is no other conclusion to draw, except that these two men took a few elements from Hinduism and massaged them to manufacture their own person religion that suited their needs, and they called it “Hinduism.”

For example, Kripalu claims to be both Radha and Krishna. He is Radha, because they say that Radha is THE highest form of God. He is the loving form of Krishna, because that gives his inner circle a way to prepare women and young girls for what he does in the bedroom. They literally tell females that in his bedroom they will have an experience like the gopis have with Krishna in divine Vrindavan.

My current feeling on spirituality is the opposite of what the fake gurus in JKP taught. One Hindu man explained it to me best. It’s the simple idea that we are already God, so we don’t have to “realize” him and we don’t have to go anywhere. We just have to remove the ignorance that makes us think we are separate from God. I know now that those two men just got in the way of my relationship with God. I remember in 2007, right before I learned the truth, I had a moment of frustration at hearing Kripalu say for the millionth time: “Love me more than God.” I thought to myself in: I don’t want to love you; I only want to love God. One month later, I learned the truth about him.

VT: As a person living in Vrindavan, I find it difficult to swallow that from now 50-100 years, Kripalu’s big monuments will be here and there and that will be his legacy. Who he was and what he did will be forgotten. What do you think about that?

KJ: That is a horrible thought, isn’t it? What it will take for that to not happen is for more people to speak out and tell their stories of abuse at the hands of Kripalu and his people. I can tell you that in the USA, Kripalu’s mission is floundering, because people have learned the truth. His “monument” here in Austin, Texas, is struggling. Fewer people are going there, and the ashram’s donations are drying up.

If a group of people in India would stand up to this demon, tell their true experiences, instead of just going away quietly, then perhaps they can help change the course of history there as well. Many people have written to me to support what I am doing. However, they have said things like: “You are brave to stand up to such a large organization.” Well, I don’t think I’m brave, I just think it’s the right thing to do – to help others avoid trap. When I learned the truth, I was appalled to realize how many had left JKP and never spoken out, even former preachers. I decided very early on that I would not go away and stay silent, because that only allows the con men to continue hurting people. A few sincere voices can make a huge difference.

VT: I have a difficulty with the complicity of the women who “massage” Kripalu or Prakashananda. It seems that they were in the know. The disciples who engaged them certainly were. Did you ever talk to the women, especially the Indian women, to get their take on the situation? Was the general mood one of “it is a blessing and we are fortunate to have this charan seva or prema dan. My feeling is that until this point is clarified, the whole accusation of abuse becomes moot. What do you think?

KJ: Generally speaking, the women and girls who were part of the highly secretive pressing ritual and “private time” sex experiences in the gurus’ bedrooms, believed that it was a blessing from God. They thought they were special, the “chose ones,” above all the other devotees who were not invited into the gurus’ bedroom. There is a very hush-hush aspect to the whole thing, even among the women who have participated.

However, to really understand the inside world of JKP is not easy — the answers are not black and white. It’s complicated. And, unfortunately, it’s this very complexity that keeps people in doubt. And the doubt keeps the JKP machine running.

Here is basically how it works: Kripalu has helpers, female preachers, and female devotees who have had sex with him and who bring him new recruits — women devotees and underage girls. Some women jump at the chance to have the sexual experiences, believing that it’s grace and they get an ego boost in the process. Some women and girls are “prepared” for the experience by other women, but are shocked when it happens. Afterwards, they either forget about it and avoid it in the future, or leave the organization without speaking out.

It needs to be understood that the preparation part is very vague. They don’t tell women exactly what will happen: What they say is anything can happen. When I pushed the woman who prepped me for specifics, I asked: “What do you mean anything? Do you mean sex?”

And she answered, “I cannot say. Whatever happens is between you and Kripalu.” So they are very dishonest from the beginning. Then after the women and girls interact with him sexually, he tells them, “Don’t tell anyone.” His supporters further tell the women and girls that if they tell anyone they will lose the “grace.”

Lastly, there are the young girls who are literally raped by him. I have read that he tells rape victims if they speak out they will be punished and receive a great curse. Some young women, especially the Indian girls, do not speak out because of the shame. One young girl, who was raped at 16, did not want to tell because she was afraid no one would want to marry her. Another young girl, raped at 13, didn’t tell, because she was threatened by a preacher and also because she assumed her parents already knew.

One woman who was digitally raped by Kripalu went to tell the woman who organized the “charan seva.” The woman yelled at her and said, “Don’t tell me about your private experiences with Kripalu.”

These are just a few examples. There are so many stories and so many situations contributing to sexual abuse in JKP.

VT: Was there a clearly spelled-out philosophical justification for the charan seva, etc.? It seems that there was definitely an admission to a level of trustworthiness before you were allowed into that inner club. Was it accompanied by any new teachings?

DJ: No, there was no clearly spelled-out justification. As I explained above, it was all secretive. The only public dialogue about it was in coded language. For example, when Prakashanand mention Kripalu’s appearance on this Earth (as the modern-day form of Lord Chaitanya) he said that unlike Chaitanya, “Kripalu is bestowing his grace in so many ways, such as singing, speaking, and touching devotees.” While saying this, Prakashanand is patting himself on the head, as if to say that’s the way that Kripalu touches people.

As for trustworthiness, they did attempt to filter out females whom they felt would not be complicit in their crimes; which explains why I was excluded until 2007, when, as I say in my book, there was a shortage of women. While Kripalu was in the USA that year, they brought in many more women who had never participated. However, before that they tended to invite in Indian women, whom I guess they assumed who never tell, and Western women who were very subservient to the gurus and preachers.

VT: From the Facebook page and elsewhere, it seems that Kripalu’s disciples are continuing this tradition of abuse that he set in motion. Certainly Prakashananda was following it. Do you have close contacts with others following the preachers of the JKP and documenting their activities? If they are doing the same kinds of things, it would seem that they are following a clear philosophical direction, or is it that they are just sexual predators and taking advantage?

LJ: I do not have contact with JKP’s preachers. I only know what Prakashanand did. I had also heard something about another JKP preacher, Siddeshwari, when I saw a letter that some people in Oklahoma sent to her mailing list in the 1990s. In the letter they were warning parents with daughters about taking them to India to meet Kripalu. They said that they believe that Kripalu was raping young girls. They further said that this preacher was caught having sex with some of her male devotees. When they confronted her, she admitted to it and also to having sex with Kripalu. She claimed to be a sex addict. She disappeared for a while after that, then reappeared with a new organization with a new name, Radha Madhav Society.

I only know that the preachers bring Kripalu what he wants – money and female bodies. I have heard him yelling at the preachers for not bringing him enough devotees. I can only assume they are so warped by their experience with him that they become like him.

I had heard rumors that people also bring women to his three grandsons, who are young and virile men, who could very likely take over where Kripalu leaves off when he dies. So if people think it will all end when he dies, they should think again.

On thing I’d like to stress regarding Prem Mandir is that this was Prakashanand’s project since the beginning. He was the captain of the ship. I find it interesting now that he is a convicted felon and fugitive from justice that there is no mention of him. Kripalu told the ashram in the USA to remove photos of Prakashanand from the prayer hall.

Scene from Prem Mandir wall decoration showing Kripalu with disciples. Where has Prakashananda gone?

I was wondering if they had also removed him from any images on Prem Mandir. At one time there was a statue of him there and image of his face in a crowd of faces. Many scenes from Kripalu’s life are depicted on the Prem Mandir’s wall. One such scene shows him with a group of his disciples. Of course, one of the main disciples in the scene was Prakashanand Saraswati. Now, however, his face has suspiciously gone missing and someone else’s head put in its place! I was told by a friend who lives in Vrindavan that there is a place where all these abandoned “heads” of people who lost favor with Kripalu have been dumped. They lost their chance for immortality! It sure looks like every one is dispensable around there. Prakashanand is very much still being sought by U.S. Marshals.


  1. No need to get excited, folks. All publicity is good publicity. You have the chance to respond here and say your piece.

    But, a word of advice and caution: When you defend Kripaluji, then you are in effect representing him. If you sound like a cult fanatic, then people will assume that people like yourself are representative of the general following of the JKP and form their opinions accordingly.

    Radhe Radhe.

  2. The strange thing that I noticed is that Rishika kept fooling people in these blogs by presenting herself as an Indian woman and much later, after many years and questioning she was exposed as a white woman by the name of Karen Jonson in one of the Texan Newspaper. She has used every way possible to malign this organization with all kind of accusations and for the past so many years no one has really questioned who she is? where she came from? How she got there? Most decent spiritual people of ashrams do not like to talk about other people’s personal life even if they throw mud directly at their faces. I think a little introduction of such a writer is much needed at this point and the moderator will not be oppose to it. When I checked into what people thought of her while she lived in the ashram people told me that Karen has had history of mental illness all her life. Her father committed suicide and mother had abandoned her. That is when she moved to US from Australia and Prakashanandji had taken her in. She told people that she hated her family so much that she changed her last name. Then she told people that her brother ended his life as well. I can only imagine what that can do to a human being. How devastating that must have been. Who was taking care of her during those days was people at the ashram. Between psychotropic drugs and outbursts many years passed by. Could all this writing and accusations be some emotions that are misdirected towards the very people who took her in her hard times. Free lance writer with OCD evidence is a dangerous combination. Lately her brother has appeared online asking her to get back into sibling relationship with her. She has been ignoring him completely even though he has been praising her book and every post on fb. I am not sure if he is the same brother she had told people about. It all confuses me tremendously as to what is really happening.
    This was one of the reason she was never put on stand for the trial by her lawyers. She has also written many times that she herself was never sexually abused by these gurus. It is documented online at several places. Wrtiting a book online for a freelance writer with all the time in the world and lots of misaligned thought pattern is not any kind of evidence in reality.

    Another pattern you may notice even in this blog is that she is only looking for people to agree with her and put her on a higher spot as a spiritual seeker or a savior. The moment you would ask a question and ask for an explanation you become a worthless enemy or jkp blind supporter. There is only her way or no other way.

  3. To all the followers of Shri kripaluji,
    after going through this page in the last few days, i have realised there are innumerable souls who are against the “Guru tradition” and they will blindly support people like Karen in such fallen acts no matter what. these people have probably pledged and have a sole aim in their life to dishonour such great saints whom they dont have faith in. so why spoil your precious time in frivolous discussions like these.i guess we cant change Karen’s intentions and other’s minds. so lets better utislise our precious time in reaching closer to God rather than accusing people who are not even worth your time..this is what JKM utilize maximum of your time in d sweet remembrance of Lord lets not follow these people who aim of the world. rather ask Lord for His kind forgiveness for such souls and feel pity on them..i request all the followers of kripaluji to kindly stay away from this page as this discussion is going to do no good to any of us..neither our master…those who have decide to continue mudslinging..will still do so..

  4. @ Karen,

    i wonder what u r referring to as “my mistake”..i guess its u who is doing the rounds saying you yourself committed a mistake..i m very happy with what i have but do feel sorry for u..may b u dont hav God realization in ur fate in dis ofcourse u r devoting 100% of ur time in mudslinging rather than focusing on ur spiritual goals..bravo!! and then u say u r a spiritual seeker!!woah!

  5. Karen Jonson on her facebook page
    posts a totally nonsense article on yoga and under it gives her own comment on yoga- quote:
    “The overarching problem is people are putting their faith in all too infallible human beings. In yoga classes and communities across the country, people are now worshipping their yoga teachers. It seems to be a disease to put people on a pedestal who are unworthy”Unquote.

    Now you have another subject for your obsession: fallen yoga teachers!
    I’ve been practicing yoga for ten years and NEVER EVER had any bad experience, never met a yoga teacher whom people would worship as a guru or whatever!
    Karen, you hate anything that originates from India and you are very paranoid about it, you need some professional help , otherwise your resentment will manifest sooner or later as a cancer in your body according to Louise Hay and her beautiful books “You can heal your body” and “You can heal your life”, the opposite to healing is also true: you can ruin your mental and physical health by dwelling in hate, resentment, revengeful thoughts, negativity,etc. All by your own free will.

    My personal advise to you: go and buy two remedies from Bach Flower Remedies: Holly and Walnut, apply two drops of each to any plain water you drink and see what will happen after 3-6 weeks. Holly is for hatred,envy and suspicion; walnut is for change.
    Rescue Remedy from the same line would be also good for you.

  6. N Sharma — Where did you do your research on me? In JKP? I guess they forgot to tell you that they have a long history of calling people “mentally ill” if they dare to tell the truth about the place. I detail this in my book.

    Just FYI — your so-called research on me is 100% wrong. You can learn my story in my book, if you are really curious. However, it’s clear that you and a handful of others only care about trying to “kill the messenger,” as the saying goes.

    I am not the point of this story — your “beloved guru” is the point. He is the one who has raped underage girls (children) by the hundreds, engaged in sex of all manner with hundreds of his female followers, taken millions of dollars from people by charging them sky-high seva fees and outright swindling of their life savings, and just conned thousands by erroneously saying that he is a “sant” and “jagadguru” who are innocently seeking God in this lifetime.

    It seems to me that you are focusing your energy on hating me, because you do not want to focus on the reality of the truth of Kripalu, who is nothing but a con man running a successful con game.

    I will never stopped being shocked at the propensity of people to be conned, to support a con man, and to look the other way when children are being raped.

  7. Admin, it’s your prerogative whether or not to take Karen Jonson seriously but if you want to be taken seriously you should at least include a disclaimer that it’s not really a book. The entire “book” idea is a hoax, and you either willingly or unwillingly are promoting that hoax. She hates the very thing that your blog claims to represent. She has called everything to do with India a fraud, including author of “Eat, Pray, Love”. She said that saffron is a creepy colour etc.

    Your line of questioning was clearly biased towards squeezing the worst out of this woman so I doubt you care if she is credible or not.

  8. This site is based in the belief that airing matters, controversial as well as edifying, in the long run is better for Vrindavan and India than simply pretending they don’t exist. Kripaluji is not the only spiritual master in India with large congregations and great riches to be accused of, with fairly reasonable cause, of dubious actions. It is never pleasing to disciples and fans to hear these things, and often they behave in ways that are violent and abusive in order to defend their spiritual hero. This behavior in itself is odd, since they generally present themselves as peace-loving devotees of God.

    I for one do not think that the accusations that have come out against Sai Baba, Nithyananda, Muktananda, Kripalu, Prakashananda and many many others are brought forth by envious people seeking to avenge grievances. The pattern is too clear. In fact, it is far easier to just avoid the trouble that comes from making a public statement and inciting the ire of the true believers. I will be honest and say that the guru institution itself is in peril because of such misbehavior on the part of spiritual leaders in India. I have seen many, many seekers abandon their faith due to false advertising by so-called avatars and God-men.

    They say caveat emptor, “buyer beware.” If you examine the matter from all angles and make a decision in full knowledge, that is your prerogative. But it is best to have all the facts at hand.

  9. JP — Why on earth should anyone believe you? Who are you? What are your credentials? You are clearly supporting a man who abuses devotees and children. Further, you (and a few other JKP people) have done nothing but state lies about me, taken my words out of context, put words in my mouth, and accused me of actions I have not taken.

    I have learned several things since I started the Facebook Page (The Truth About Barsana Dham and JKP) in August of 2010. But I have learned one thing most of all: People who are still under the delusion that these men are saints will attack the truth and they will attack people willing to tell the truth. On the other hand, people who are not under the fake gurus’ spell are able to clearly see the truth and they appreciate that someone stood up and told the truth.

    I never expected the die-hard members of JKP to accept this book, and I always expected them to attack me with their usual routine. In fact, I knew what they would say before they said it. What they all do not seem to understand is that I know them better than they know themselves — because I was once under the spell of the fake gurus. But now I am free and out from under JKP’s cloak of illusions, delusions, and deceit. So I have 20-20 vision about the con game called Jagadguru Kripalu Parishat.

    The situation is not hopeless for every single JKP devotee. Even now there are many followers who live in doubt about the truth nature of JKP. Some day some of them will be strong enough to see the truth — and they will break free. There will be others who will never have the strength to see the truth – and they will die holding fast to their illusion. I have shared the truth with the world for those people who have the desire, strength, and ability to see and accept it — and escape it.

    When I started writing my book almost five years ago I had one foremost objective: To help all of the innocent spiritual seekers who are desiring a truly pure spiritual path separate fact from fiction and stay free of an evil place such as JKP. I wanted to help give other people hope, strength, and support to break free and live a beautiful life out from under the abusive life of a con man. I dedicate my book to these people – and wish them Godspeed in their spiritual journey.

  10. @ followers of kripalu (people like N Sharma..)

    Dude, wake up. This is as close to reality as it could get. Whatever has been written is true about Kripalu.

    Thank your stars if your sister, mother or wife is not a victim. And don’t let them close to him. If he sets his eyes on any of them, they will fall prey to him. Do your homework first and then talk here.

    And all other followers of Kripalu who want to brush off these true incidents under the carpet- WAKE UP!!! before its too late.

    I have taken deeksha from an ashram in Vrindavan itself, and the saint head there told me that Kripalu was denied entry in the saints’ fraternity. Ask any “genuine” saint in Vrindavan and you will know the truth.

    At least stand up for this brave girl Karen. She has shown guts to publish the truth. Where has your humanity gone? You are as such doomed by following a fake guru, at least die a peaceful death.

    And before you question my source, ask your guru Kripalu to answer these questions:

    1. Who gave him the jagatguru title? Isn’t it what he himself claims to be? And if it is something he has earned, can he claim this in the fraternity of Vrindavan saints??? The answer is NO… He is too afraid of those people boycotting him AGAIN…!!!

    2. Why was he not given entry to saint fraternity until 3 years back?

    You are far from spiritual…!!! a spiritual guru will never have the luxuries which Kripalu enjoys.. Saints don’t want money, luxury, cars or ACs. Which world are you living in??
    open your eyes.

  11. That’s fine Jagat, its a free country and you can say or do anything you want. I’m still waiting for you to include a disclaimer that you made up about the book though (either intentionally or unintentionally)… although my hopes are dwindling in that regard. There is no book, so the basis of your article is void.

  12. Most Indian people have heard of all kind of accusations and patterns in most of the spiritual paths and of teachers. I am sure that no one is oblivious of the fact these stories have been going around. Yet, it does not diminish their faith, love and commitment to their chosen paths.

    I think that forcing your belief that everyone is after the money and sex may be product of some people’s mind and theory. Just like the followers can not force others into joining their chosen paths, the haters can not move the followers in any way. Car crashes and plane crashes have fatalities in thousands but we do not stop from flying or being on the road.

    You put your thoughts and beliefs and even experiences in front of the audience and move away. It becomes visibly vengeful when you attack viciously, lash out and stoop to name calling and forcing others to only your way. Then you can see something fishy and a personal agenda against any particular sect.
    Just like there is a pattern in gurus accusations, I think we should also pay attention to who are these people that are bringing these accusations on them. 100% of the times these are disgruntled people with 10s of years of history. What are their credentials? As they ask common people for their background, why not do a background check on them and see where they hold up in the society. We can only imagine where they would stand.

    In this particular case, I have pointed out what I collected over the years about Rishika (an Indian sounding name but was outed later as Karen Jonson). Poeple told me that they would literally change their way as they saw her coming as she would repeat the same story hundreds of times and was out of her mind due to suicide tragedies in her family. This was when all was going well and there were no accusations of any kind. OCD and writing is not a good combination and not to mention when you run out of your meds.

    Instead of giving her full introduction she goes on to ask for everyone’s credentials who ask simple questions or make statements.
    She mentions that she knew she will be attacked by jkp, my questions is that how being asked simple questions or voicing one’s opinion gets the status of being attacked by jkp.

    I am not interested in going on with her craziness as there is no end to it and most do see it if they pay some attention to it.

    Akriti Prakashar Dandekar —— you have taken deeksha from ashram in vrindavan, I don’t know if I should laugh or feel bad for you. so you are saying that your deekshaa guru told you that there is a fraternity of gurus? do they chill out every nights with chilam and hang out in their fraternity. as I have never heard of anything so bizzar in my entire life. I know plenty many genuine teachers in vrindavan and have never heard any fraternity of I am sure you would say that only your genuine saint is a member of this fraternity.

    You talk about this brave girl karen, she has not spared even vrindavan people when she has gone on rants against them (even shopkeepers of vrindavan leave alone the saints). do invite her to your saint fraternity as it would be good match.

    (1) Jagatguru title is as legit as president of India is. There are written documents from Kashi and also the fake ones by people of today. I would only believe what has been in the books since 60’s as there was no photoshop back then.

    (2) Guru does not ask for luxuries, people provide it to him and with much humbleness he is forced to oblige people in accepting it for them. Materialstic people only see the materialism in it but it is only the bhav of a server that he wants his beloved mother or father or guru or a child to accept their service. You see it is how you look at it. Our own projection helps us see things differently. That is the difference between the followers and haters.

    Our history shows that serving a piece of stone can get you to your goal then here we are talking about a guru who teaches nothing but love for radha krishna. It is only about our own feeling and bhav for god not really the other person.

  13. N Sharma — Your lack of knowledge about me, yet your ongoing spouting of so-called facts (read: lies) about me, makes everything you say suspicious. Nonetheless, I just have to say that your fictional stories about me are quite comical in their stupidity.

    But for those people who are following the story and may not want to buy my book for whatever reason (cost, language, etc.) I will state a few more facts here:

    My research for my book included gaining access to many articles published in India about Kripalu, excerpts from books written by others, experiences of other ex-devotees, and my own observations over many years in his U.S. ashram, founded by his right-hand man, the fugitive and convicted child molester, Prakashanand Saraswati.

    Further, I’ve talked to people across India for my research, from journalists, to scholars, to former devotees, to family members of devotees, and the stories of corruption and abuse are numerous. What’s more, they are well-known among many groups in India, including residents of Vrindavan.

    For the record, the fact that Kripalu was not convicted of the three rapes he was charged with — two in India for which he did receive some jail time — does not at all mean that he was “innocent.” In fact, no official ever claimed that. They claimed a lack of evidence. I suspect some cash probably changed hands as well to help many any evidence they did have go away.

    I also have two letters exchanged between the “gurus” Kripalu and Prakashanand. They are quite eye-opening and reveal their long-running plan to dupe Westerners and “make millions.” In his own handwriting, Kripalu asks Prakashanand for more “black money.”

    Your claim that a guru does not “ask for luxuries,” but apparently endures them out of his humbleness is truly the height of mind control. This kind of thinking just gives a person being called a “guru” a figurative license to kill. It’s ridiculous. With all of Kripalu’s luxuries and now a monstrous temple, he could have actually build the hospital thats he has told so many he was going to build with their money — meanwhile conning them out of millions of dollars to spend to glorify himself and purchase even more luxurious (you may know he now has his own helicopter).

    There are many more facts in my book — should you ever choose to learn the truth.

  14. @Karen, Jagat et al!
    I will continue to ask for you to provide authenticated documents for all allegations.
    Let’s form a nuetral commission that would interview and have lie detector test done on all complaint.
    In the search for truth… let us print Prakashanand’s unedited trial transcript and have a panel of judges and lawyers discuss.
    KJ makes many accusations without any tangibile proofs but just hearsay. KJ,WOULD YOU BE WILLING TO TAKE A LIE DETECTOR TEST AND BE EXAMINED BY A PSYCHOLOGIST?
    Jagat, Didn’t people say A.C Bhaktivedanta wanted DRUG Money without proof?
    KJ, are implying the officials of the sovereign country T&T may have been paid off?
    Please answer the above questions and don’t go into your normal rant of deflecting rational questions.

  15. It is not the purpose of this site to either try or to exonerate Kripalu. Vrindavan Today is meant, despite its limitations, to be a news and information site.

    We presented an interview with Karen Jonson and, I may add, several other articles about the Kripalu Prema Mandira that came from sources favorable to JKP, so I am confident that we have done our duty.

    If anyone wishes to investigate further, they will no doubt be able to find transcripts, and through Ms. Jonson, her sources. Naturally, I am sure that she will reserve the right to expose her confidential sources from those whose primary interest is to muzzle them.

    As to demanding that Ms. Jonson submit to psychological evaluation and lie detector tests, why not start such a procedure with the very persons who are at the root of all this controversy?… as if that would be at all meaningful…

  16. The court transcripts for the criminal trial of Prakashanand Saraswati are public information. Neil is free to purchase them for himself.

    Believe me, I will never put my life in the hands of JKP again under any circumstances. I have no need to “stand trial” to prove anything to members of an evil, corrupt cult.

    But if you want to prove anything to us, please provide the documentation of Kripalu’s alleged title of Jagadguru from some “counsel of Hindu authority” and also the transcript from the alleged lie detector taken my Prakashanad, which he paid for and which was administered by a man who was a accused of sexual harassment.

  17. Prakashanand Saraswati’s polygrapher is himself a convicted sexual offender.

    News headlines Mar 23rd, 2008, 4:41am state:
    Polygraph Operator Eric J. Holden Sanctioned for Sexual Harassment

    “In July 1999, polygraph examiner Eric J. Holden of Texas, a past president of the American Polygraph Association and prominent advocate for the post-conviction polygraph screening of sex offenders, was accused of sexually harassing a female student at the Texas Department of Public Safety Polygraph School. The complaint was sustained, and the Texas Department of Public Safety issued an interoffice memorandum announcing that Mr. Holden had been “permanently prohibited from instructing in any Department sponsored training or instructional program.”

    “Holden owns and operates Behavioral Measures & Forensic Services Southwest, Inc., a Dallas firm that specializes in the post-conviction polygraph screening of registered sex offenders.”

    “New Hampshire State Police Detective Kathleen M. Kimball’s statement of complaint, then Texas Department of Public Safety Captain Michael C. Gougler’s letter to Det. Kimball sustaining the complaint, and Criminal Law Enforcement chief Mike Scott’s memorandum advising the assistant commander for training of the decision to permanently prohibit Holden from serving as an instructor at the polygraph school, are available here:”

    I suppose Neil Rasmussen and others pro JKP will denounce this factual news item and the source which of course they dont post on their blogs, and instead continue to fool people about Saraswati passing the polygraph, which was taken by a sex offender himself, who specializes in rehabilitating other sex offenders.

  18. Neil Prashad and Neil Rasmussen are the same person??!!!

    Thank you Polygrapher Truth for the info on the sexual offender Eric J. Holden. That is very significant information.

    I was going to suggest that Neil Prashad held a Lie Detector Festival at the Prem Mandir where Kripalu himself would be tested in view of the whole congregation, with the results projected into the heavenly night skies like only the incarnation of God himself, (ok, sometimes Batman, too), is entitled to.

  19. @Nandini, KJ etc
    I don’t have the slightest idea who is Neil Rasmussen but I see the accusers are quick to pounce on someone’s mistake.
    If the person who administered Prakashanand’s lie detector test is a child molester, then he should be sanctioned and barred. Prakashanand had the test pre conviction and not post conviction.
    In the search for the truth it would be great if the accusers and accused were subjected to evaluations to at least get to an unbiased truth.
    KJ, you always deflect from answering questions with your rant. Since, you are the one who wrote the book and are making allegations you should be the first person willing to undergo different unbiased test to prove to the World you don’t have an axe to grind, but you are protecting the innocent as you claim. If I were making statements I would be the first to subject myself to unbiased, nuetral test and interviews. Why are you afraid? Don’t tell me you are afraid for safety since you seem to be doing very well after all this time.
    Nandini and all the rabid individuals out there. Were you in there? Why should I believe you when I have never experienced what KJ is alledging!!!

  20. @ Neil, lets not muddle semantics to distract from the point. It doesn’t matter at all whether Saraswati had a “pre or post conviction” lie detector test. The point being made is the polygraph was performed anyway by a convicted sex offender himself who makes a business of helping other sex offenders “pass” a polygraph, for which Saraswati paid.

    Why didn’t he go to the FBI and have his lie detector test done? Was he too afraid he couldnt fool them or buy a “pass”, or they wouldnt ask only the questions that he wanted them to ask? The FBI polygraph would have been unbiased and much more believable than a sex offender business owner.

    However the heavy duty drugs Saraswati is known to take would have interfered anyway with polygraph results , far more likely to be less reactive, less sensitive, and less nervous, possibly even drowsy, which could have only helped him.

    Neither do you have your facts straight . Nowhere does the Polygraph article say the polygrapher molested a “child”, so even discussing something you simply concocted is to provide another distraction from this truth.

    The polygrapher was sanctioned for his molestation of an adult student causing him to lose his job with the traffic department, which by the way is actually part of the police department. There’s only one obvious reason why Saraswati would pick someone of his own kind, with this type of history to do his polygraph.

  21. A little bit of research will show you about the polygraph testing company. How conveniently this lady bypasses all the real facts and points to some old stories from the anti polygraph sites. This only goes to show her compulsive and negative side to distort every truth that is out there.

    This polygraph examiner, who was once accused is a CURRENT member of American Polygraph Association and Texas association of polygraph examiners. He is a frequent consultant throughout the criminal justice system and teaches all over the country.

    If this top notch company in the country did the test and gave their DETAILED results to the police department and the court showing that the test was passed with 100% , normal people will go with that result even if the court did not take that in evidence.

    It is clearly evident that this lady is completely obsessed with manipulating all kind of easily accessible truth. One can easily see the link she posted is by an anti – polygraph test activist and is obviously trying to find things to distort the whole picture of testing which is a whole another story and not related to this case. But if you see the American Polygraph Association you will find Eric Holden to have received awards for his excellence. I would go with whats happening today versus 2 decades ago accusations which if they were true then he could not have been a member and practicing under American polygraph association.

    As common sense would tell you, no one with criminal record will run such company and no one will hire such people either. On the other hand, OCD is a deep seated imbalance.

  22. @ NEIL,

    dear brother,
    plz do not get urself involved in dis discussion where ppl are intentionally maligning ur master’s name. plz stay away from these discussions as i had mentioned earlier that those who have decided will keep on ruining the institutions name, be the allegations true or false. as far as i know, Kripaluji always insists on not hurting anybody be it even ur enemy. i was once going through one of His speeches where He mentioned about Jeev Goswami, a very high level saint, who had won a debate over another philosopher just to prove that His Guru/master had correctly interpreted things from scriptures. When Jeev Goswami went back to His guru Roop Goswami to sing his glowry of victory, Roop Goswami scolded Him badly mentioning that he had hurt somebody in the urge to prove His Guru’s righteousness. if u truly honour ur beloved master, then plz do not involve urself in dis.dats y even i stopped writing here. Just pray to Lord to give these people good sanskars so that somewhere down the lane, they realize their prayers for Jenny, her supporters and non-supporters.

  23. I wonder and feel pity for those who are blindly following a monster like Kripalu who acts as a god who is a demon inside .I want to ask his followers that if he is a God then why couldn’t he saved the lives of the people those crashed infront of his front gate at Mangarh. Why he flew away and answered like a coward that didn’t call them they themselves cometo my house to die? Why dont he dare to face the world to announce himself as God……
    Why in his poems , infront of public he calls himself as adestitute and slave of God but in his private room becomes God to have sex with girls of any age…..Shameless fellow.
    My dear followers can anyone of you declare that He or she has realised God under his super vision. If you believe in God and Veda of Hindus. It is written that “Matru devo bhava”,”Pitru Devo Bhava” Similarly “Guru Devo Bhava” It means Mother is God , Father is God, Guru is God. If any father claiming himself as God according to the scriptures orders his daghter saying that she should obey his orders otherwise it will not be good for her and if that father asks to sleep with him……..then What will you name such a father……or mother or Guru…
    People like Kripalu and Prakashananda come under this catagory .
    So my dear friends beware of these dirty dogs.

    We are 17 people in our group who experinced and ruined our lives at their Ashrams

  24. Thank You Gopika for shedding light on truth. Thank You Karen for makes us aware about power of hidden agendas. But its about time, and these agendas are redundant as Women Empowerment stands for truth, dignity and a sense of self-evaluation that its time to go back to Divine Home for souls of this world and great souls like saints help us in our journey towards that Divine Home. So even if you won’t like it to be so, this drama will end sooner or later.

  25. Thank You Gopika for shedding light on truth. Thank You Karen for making us aware about power of hidden agendas (sad). But its about time, and these agendas are redundant as Women Empowerment stands for truth, dignity and a sense of self-evaluation that its time to go back to Divine Home for souls of this world and great souls like saints help us in our journey towards that Divine Home. So even if you won’t like it to be so, this drama will end sooner or later. One shouldn’t misuse laws meant to protect and empower women…IF THIS MAKES IT CLEAR NOW.

  26. I have been to Barsana Dham in Austin many times as I have family there. It was always a great pleasure to visit but most of the details that Karen discussed in her book, I already know are true. Celebrating of Kripalu’s birthday when he visited Austin is one of them and so is getting hit by his slipper and having to pay for it too. I consider myself smart and would never fall prey to such con men but I know for sure that people who either were staunch devotees or living in the ashram are educated professionals too. So how did they get brainwashed to believe someone who claims to be GOD. Come on who are we kidding, we are living in a time when nothing can be kept hidden for long. This is the age of internet and information travels faster than ever. People who still believe in these low lives really need to wake up and see them for what they really are. God doesn’t need worldly comforts or money.
    Since Kripalu professes he is incarnation of God, why does he need money to build temples in India, he could build the temple without any money. After all he is almighty, isn’t he. It takes great courage to stand up to these fakes especially when money and support of rich make them all powerful. Hats off to Karen for writing the book and to the girls who stood in a court of law and told the whole world the horrors they have to undergo in the name of religion.
    It makes me sick to the stomach to think what women and young girls have to go through with these creeps having access to them. And for people who defend them I have one thing to say WAKE UP from your stupor and see these fakes for who they really are, not even humans. They are the devils of modern day who are too smart to fool people all around them in believing that they are saints.

  27. @ N.Sharma, Nice try defending Saraswati’s polygraph pass. But you dont fool everyone. It appears you also suffer OCD and will warp the facts to suit your own blind agenda.

    Not only is polygrapher Holden a PAST president of the American Polygraph Association (APA) after being fired for sexual harassment, according the the APA’s member directory he is NOT EVEN LISTED AS A CURRENT MEMBER It is now 13 years (not 20 years as you say) after his sexual offense, but once a sex offender he must carry that stigma for the rest of his life.

    If other Polygraph organizations have forgiven him, its likely their own oversight that E. Holden was “permanently prohibited from instructing in any Department of Public Safety sponsored training or instructional program.”

    If Holden is still on any other polygraph organizations’ members lists and lectures around the country, then they are either unaware of his past history as a sexual offender, or they dont care about the caliber of the person being a past sex offender who had been fired as a polygrapher for his offense.

    Of course any polygrapher can set up their own business after such an offense and keep on lecturing wherever anyone will take him. Most likely they are unaware of his negative history, or they dont care.

    Of course Holden doesnt go out of his way to display his sex harassment offense (during polygraph instructing) on his website does he? How honest is that? How honest do you think such a dishonest person would be in performing a polygraph with multi- millionaire informercial board member devotees always accompanying Saraswati?

    Probably told the polygrapher only the questions they want to be asked and what not to ask , with any amount of money to pay a bill and likely an undisclosed tip.

    Holden can go out there with his own business, lecture to the Queen for all I care, and gloat about PAST awards from the APA –who still fired him after that. Plus Holden can even quote text on his own website, giving credit to the source APA (which in itself provides misconception), but that’s all a smokescreen to the caliber of person Saraswati went to get his polygraph.

    You can bet Saraswati’s handlers knew about Holden’s past negative sex offense history, being fired, and his current preference of working with other sex offenders (of Sarawati’s and Holden’s own kind), that’s why they chose Holden–so how could they go wrong in obtaining a polygraph pass that they can brag all about all over the news and social media as part of their constant PR campaign rants to fool people.

    You can fool some of the people, some of the time, but you cant fool all of the people all the time .

    And whats all the constant trash talk about OCD and other mental or personality imbalances that cult followers typically engage in? Dont you know, this is one of the traits of a cult that is a constant with JKP followers, known in the text books as part of the cult mentality showing up, over and over again, to harass the victims and others who support and speak out against that cults sordid truth. You couldn’t act more cult-like in these repeated constant attacks.

  28. I had the misfortune of attending Swami Mukundananda’s sessions in Chicago and ended up donating money. Swamiji had a distinguished background – he’s an ex-alumni of IIT & IIM (India’s topmost institutions). Spirituality with a highly qualified educational background make for a heady mix and I fell for it. While I found Swami Mukundananda a genuine person, I can’t say the same about Kripalu Maharaj. I haven’t met him, but I don’t have a warm and fuzzy feeling about him.
    If you recall in 2008 a few pilgrims died in a stampede in Kripalu ashram in India. Kripalu Maharaj dismissed this blithely by saying the most of those dead were women and children ( as if their lives are expendible and unworthy). The ashram shifted into damage control mode after a media uproar.

    I have no means or experience to verify Karen’s allegations. However I don’t think these are out of the ordinary and won’t be surprised if these are true.

    Even for a moment, if we accept that Karen’s allegations are false, I cannot see reason behind building a huge/expensive temple (when we already have a surplus of these) , when this money could be utilized to feed the poor or provide healthcare.

  29. Strictly in the context of Sri KriplauJi, and the scriptures of Sanatana Dharma-(specifically the Mahabharata), and the what we know of the lives of previous Jagadgurus-(specifically Vallabhacahraya) Ms. Jonson has proved nothing in regards to claims regarding “sexual abuse”. In fact what is shown in the scriptures specifically the Mahabharata as an ancient and accepted practise of this specific tradition of householder. Not of an asectic practice of sanyaasi or renunciation.
    To elucidate my point please examine first what has already been proven through recent acrchealogical discoveries in the Arabian Sea along the coastline of Dwarika at a site called Bet Dwarika. Indeed Lord Krishna lived on this earth from 18 July 3228 BCE and departed on 3102 BCE.
    And had established a city at Dwarika, and had 16,108 wives-(Mahabharata-Harivamsa Parva The Book of the Genealogy of Hari).
    Relying on information previously established regarding Lord Krishna had one chief wife- Queen Rukmini, and eight princely wives -Satyabhama, Jambavati, Kalindi, Mitravrinda, Nagnajiti, Bhadra and Lakshana.
    And Lord Krishan had sons with all of His wives, to give just one example one wife-Satyabhama had 10 sons who
    were Bhanu, Subhanu, Svarbhanu, Prabhanu, Bhanuman, Chandrabhanu, Brihadbhanu, Atibhanu (the eighth), Sribhanu and Pratibhanu.
    Each of Lord Krishna’s wives had 10 sons, and those sons had 10 sons.
    With regards to Vallabhacharya -(1479-1531 CE) was a devotional philosopher, who founded the Pushti sect in India. He was married and had sons as well. And Sri Vallabhacharya was a Jagadguru and to this day has a great following in Pushti Marg.
    Sri Vallabhacahrya was thought to be Lord Krishna on this earth.
    In the context of the single incidence Ms. Jonson cites relating t0 accusation of rape by Sri KripaluJi, a charge KriplauJi was aquitted of.
    There was no denial of an initmate relationship between the two girls and Sri KriplauJi. The two girls admiited they had felt as if they’d been intimate with Lord Krishna. It was the girl’s father that brought the accusation of rape.
    What we may find as objectionable and “morally rephrensible” in the west is quite customary in India.
    With regards to the trial in Hays County Texas that is a different matter of which I have direct first hand knowledge and was a victim of Kate Tonneson lies.

  30. The person has gone mad … He should be punished. I am a devotee of Maharajee form last 10years ido faith on his spiritual power , May god bless him—-

  31. Stephen Perino, y0u said, ” There was no denial of an initmate relationship between the two girls and Sri KriplauJi. The two girls admiited they had felt as if they’d been intimate with Lord Krishna…What we may find as objectionable and “morally rephrensible” in the west is quite customary in India.”

    Exactly! Finally the truth is coming out by a slip of the tongue of one of Kripalu’s devotees who says this wicked behavior of a guru is “customary” in India!! We already know that, but its a relief to hear it admitted by a JKP devotee.

    Kripalu thinks he is a descent of Lord Krishn and makes it no secret. What the victims know is that he has been chalking up his sensual encounters with devotees as Krishna’s grace. For many decades those are his trophies in this lifetime towards an obvious goal of 16001 “wives”.

    Even Kripalu and Saraswati themselves say its a transgression to imitate Krishna! So these to guys will never get to see Krishna any time soon, as they will be stuck in purgatory for millions of lifetimes for being imposters.

    I suppose JKP devotees will disown you now and say you are “mad” or crazy” or “not mentally well” because they don’t want this truth be known to the world, especially not told by one of their own. Your subconscience knows the truth and found a way to tell it.

    You should keep your girls safe from becoming one of the notches in Kripalu’s bedpost towards the 16001 count, but the way you talk, you have probably already approved.

  32. Sorry to see the posts of charges against Kripaluji. I am neither a follower of Kripaluji nor his opponent. But, I have been in touch with both Pro-Kripalu and Anti-Kripalu ppls and also with a few ppl in judiciary who kept their eyes on the charges against him. Anyway, according to my observation:
    1) Whatever charges anti-kripalus say are in the form of this happened, that happened, he saw, they saw, i saw, with no evidences on ground to prove and mostly to create an ambiance of mystery like bed rooms etc etc.
    2) About the rape charge by the two girls: has anyone here ever gone through the details of the judgement, where the judge queries with the prosecutor…”how can these two girls show no sign of sexual contact when they claim to have sex with their Guru for so long”?…I think the answer is clear.
    Anyway i am not here to defend him or prosecute him, but will like to give an advice to both Pro-Kripalus and Anti-Kripalus to first clarify and research everything and then only make any comment.
    A saint from Ayodhya Shri Ram Harshan Dasji once said to me ” What can we expect from the ppl of kali when even bhagwan buddha was charged of rape” ? [ Read Buddhist scriptures and you will have an answer].

  33. Nilesh Vyas, you said two very strange things that tell me you are in fact a Kripalu supporter. 1) “the judge queries with the prosecutor…”how can these two girls show no sign of sexual contact when they claim to have sex with their Guru for so long”?

    Are you kidding me? What kind of a judge can look at girls or women and tell “signs” of sex? First, the father of those Indian girls said they lied to support Kripalu, as they wanted to stay with him and refused to testify against him. So no one could make them press on with a case- not even the father. Those girls were obviously brainwashed that Kripalu was “god” or Krishn reincarnate .

    I ask you, who in the world can tell by looking at a female if there are “signs” of having had sex– either never, or one time, or a hundred times? You cant even tell with clothes on or off! The judge should have been fired. And you bought that nonsense!

    What was that judge thinking? What kind of a judge was that? I know, a biased on, personally bent towards Kripalu. Even the prosecutor in Trinidad was paid off in 2007 by Prakashanand Saraswati on yet another rape charge against Kripalu to “drop the case”, as he said, when asking devotees for ALOT of money”. Some of us were there in Austin, Texas when Saraswati and some of his preachers frantically and pressingly begged for money, specifically for that purpose. Then off Sarawati went within 5 days to Trinidad to bail Kripalu out and to get his case dropped after a huge payment to the prosecutor. Yes, money speaks even to those in high places.

    2) You said, ” to first clarify and research everything and then only make any comment.”

    What do you think we’re doing here? Making comment after exacting research, of course , done against ourselves by Kripalu. Speak from experience as females been there, done that, as victims of Kripalu and personally know and seen several other adults in sexually compromised or victimized situations. More than one at the same time as well. He’s no angel, tell you that! That’s what Stephen Perino was talking about admitting above, and he lives in Barsana Dham, now renamed Radha Madhav Dham. Dont you think he knows a thing or two living at the scene of the crime?

  34. The “truth” is to be found in murky waters off the coast of nothern India and the Mahabharata.
    Sri Krishna had lived on the earth 5,000 years ago, He had 16,108 wives and mulitude of children, and grand children and great grand children.
    And at the end all of His time on earth everyone left with Him. And His great city was sunk and now lies beneath the waters of the Indian Ocean.
    Does the fact that Sri Krishna having had 16,108 wives make Him less Divine?
    Or is Sri Krishna less Divine because He had had a multitude of offspring with His wives?

    Is there a single person of the “anti-Sri KriplauJi” crowd that honestly believes there is $14.99 worth of salacious material worthy of dedicating their money and time to contained in Ms. Karen Johnson book?

    If Ms Karen Jonson believes she was once part of a dangerous cult, and now has the authority to condemn people who still follow this path, then
    perhaps Ms. Jonson could write a commenatry on the Mahabharat, and condemn nearly 1 billion Hindus that follow a path of devotion to Sri Krishna (whom as we all agree lived on this earth and had 16,108 wives and a multitude of offspring)?
    Why does Ms. Jonson not condemn the entire Hindu religion outright?
    Afterall why does Ms. Jonson stop with condemming His Saints?

    Why should the Ms. Karen Jonson and the “anti-Sri KriplauJi” crowd stop with their condemnation of Sri Krishna, and His Saints, and His scriptures, and His devotees?

    Perhaps Ms. Karen Jonson’s 15 minutes of fame is over. ..?

  35. Call for a National debate of all HINDU gurus. Are Kripalu and Prakashanand Saraswati true "divine saints", descensions of Krishn with 16, 008 wive, or imposters? Are they above the law of the land? says:

    @ Stephen Perino, you are quite disgusting and a manipulative example of all other JKP devotees who use scriptures to condone sexual abuse by JKP gurus who fake they are descensions of Krishn who had 16,008 wives on earth 5,000 years ago . The root cause of all the sexual abuse is in what you have written twice in this blog.

    I doubt other gurus not of JKP will agree that this is “their” true path of Hinduism. I challenge all the gurus of all the different Hindu religions to a debate over this issue of what they believe about Kripalu and Prakashanand Saraswati who have been involved in criminal molestation charges–whether they believe these two gurus have some kind of divine right in this world where they can act in sexual manners and ignore the rules of the land.

    The debate of all HINDU gurus in India should decide if Kripalu and Prakshanand are impostors or true saints and make an announcement in all newspapers.

    Perino is trying to lay bait. Setting down traps to get anti-JKP’ers to trip over and denounce all hinduism–so they can point fingers and say, “see, told you they were racists”.

    The racist card is just a smokescreen to muddy the waters and to provide a huge distraction from the truth going on, in an attempt to throw readers off realizing the corruption and crimes within the organization.

    The racist card obviously has been played to Perinos own daughters who have no doubt also been brainwashed to think its god’s grace to be one of Kripalus 16,008 young wives in this lifetime. Kripalu believes he’s Krishn in modern day human form, gracing women to go to the divine world, but do other Hindu gurus from other Hindu pathways and their devotees believe Kripalu and Prakashanand have this power by such actions?

    Wouldn’t it be sad if one really believed due to mind programming, accepting the sexual abuse in their devotional belief, and in the end found these two gurus and their “divine” family had no such divine powers, and as a result the soul never reaches any such divine status, instead causing them to become an atheist in this life or the next as they have no trust in religious leaders using religious scriptures to satisfy their own material lust and greed?

    Perino, wake up! You are a blind example of the brainwashing that all the JKP preachers and others like yourself in the administration who continue to propagate such a dangerous myth to women, parents and female children. This casts a shadow and ruins real Hinduism for all the other true branches of Hinduism.

    Its time the moderator of this blog set up facilitating this debate amongst all Hindu leaders in India and ar0und the world at a convention to determine amongst them whether Kripalu is a true saint or an imposter! Let all the other Hindu religions decide themselves. Kripalu must think it is hell to be born a man to not be so “graced” as the women!

  36. Apparently, Kripalu Maharaj is not all that happy about his garish new temple — which they claim is attracting 10,000 people a day. About the crowds, he is reported to be saying: “I wish I could beat them away with a stick.” Apparently, Kripalu didn’t think through the ramifications of such a public venue. After all, he’s used to controlling who enters and exits his heavily guarded ashrams. The JKP insider also reported that Kripalu does not what to go to Prem Mandir himself, because “he fears for his safety.” I wonder why a “jagadguru” and the reincarnation of Radha-Krishna has to worry for his safety. Curious!

  37. Latest post on my blog — read the whole article here:

    Can a 90-Year-Old Guru Still Have Sex?

    The man I formerly called “guru” looks like hell.
    In a recent video, Kripalu Maharaj’s face is bloated and blotchy, like a rotten potato. He shuffles when he walks. And he looks like he is miserable. Chances are, he’s on his last leg.
    I hope all this means he can no longer molest and rape young girls – finally.
    However, much of the damage that he has been capable of doing in his long life is already done. Thousands of young girls have already suffered at the hands (and other body parts) of this monster over the past several decades.
    As one woman told me about girls molested and raped by him:
    “There are kids who were involved in this organization with their parents who have end up drinking heavily, doing drugs, or getting involved in gangs. This HAS to stop.”
    This result is common among children who have been compromised sexually. They end up with a wide range of problems, from promiscuity to drug addictions.
    Some people have a hard time believing that Kripalu has had so much sex with so many women and young girls for so long. After all, they say, how can an old man “have sex”?

  38. I wonder how Kripalu’s followers think that their defensive commnets come across to other people. They think that their Guru is holy depsite all evidence to the contrary, and the comments they offer are only pathetic to any outsider approaching this issue. The writer of this book obviously loves and appreciates the Indian sprititual traditions, what they object to is the blatant abuse of these traditions. Krishna is beyond our petty rmaterial reasonings, but I am quite certain that he doesn’t endorse the sexual violation of innocent women/girls.

  39. I know the story only from my friend who follows the story of Swamiji for quite a while and she pointed one very important thing regarding Karen Jonson which I’ll try to sum up here:

    What is a mental, emotional , ethical and moral state of a person who stays in ashram for 14 looong years pretending(very important word in regard to Karen Jonson) to follow the teachings of a guru but actually as Karen Jonson herself admitted on her facebook site she regarded the books written by swamiji (=his teachings) as poorly written(!), incomplete(!) , unclear(!) and manipulative !!! How such a contradiction is possible?

    If she disliked the Vedic philosophy as propounded by swamiji and maharaj ji and was reading “secretly” other Hindu books while staying in ashram, why did she simply NOT leave the ashram and study whatever she liked somewhere else ????
    The ashram is not a prison heavily guarded, anyone is free to come and go at any time.
    How could she at all regard swamiji as her guru and even a saint if she simultaneously disliked his teachings and regarded them as incomplete and unclear?
    How could she do any devotion to Radha Krishn when she disagreed with the instructions of a guru of the ashram she stayed in to the degree that she needed to study other scriptures or rather other interpretations of Vedic scriptures”secretly” (secretly because otherwise it would become very obvious that she had no commitment to the path preached by swamiji and would loose her comfortable spot at the ashram)…..

    For me it is very very clear that she never ever regarded swamiji as her guru and never as a saint(!!!), very likely she stayed in ashram ONLY out of convenience PRETENDING that she is doing devotion but actually she was lost in her own world…whatever it may mean for her…

    It is exactly HER who is of very very manipulative nature otherwise how could she be able to play the game of pretending for sooo long?
    Honest person and a person who has a basic mental balance NEVER EVER stays somewhere where the spiritual philosophy is not appealing to her/him.
    It does not take 14 years to decide if you like certain teachings or not, it may take 14 weeks or for less intelligent people 14 months but 14 years is certainly beyond normal .

    Barsana Dham is not in the middle of nowhere where you are at the grace of the ashram, it is close to a big city, Karen J. could and should have left the ashram but she decided to stick there surely NOT out of admiration for swamiji and the path followed by other devotees from that ashram.

    Her reasons were selfish and materialistic but never spiritual.
    So saying that she followed swamiji’s instructions because she thought he was a saint is also a lie, big big fat lie.
    You can see a saint in someone ONLY if you are in admiration of the teachings he presents, if everything he says resonates with your mind and soul , only then you can start seeing and believing that such a person may be a saint.
    If you have doubts, many doubts and disregard for his work(books and preachings), there is no chance that you could regard such a person as a saint so there is no chance you would follow his instructions if they did not fit you unless you simply like doing it for any other reason.

    Besides there are so many other ashrams and spiritual groups all over USA, the choice is huge so it takes only some little intelligence and normal thinking to drop one thing and search for some other.
    USA is a free country to follow any spiritual path you want, it is not a Saudi Arabia that you may be severely punished for not following a main stream religion.
    There is absolutely NO bravery in what you are doing Karen as there is no physical threat of any kind to you for whatever disgusting stuff you are doing. Try to do it in regard to Islam or prophet Muhammad and those who hate Islam will justly regard you as a hero as you may be very easily killed by some Muslim extremists like it happened to Theo van Gogh in Rotterdam and many others.

    So Karen stop fooling people and playing an innocent spiritual seeker as you are as far from innocence as light is from darkness……
    Your level of confusion is extremely high and your logic is very weak….
    Those who fall into your trap are of the same kind, illogical, with no analytical minds and simply disturbed by their life circumstances, looking for some comfort in finding faults in others….

  40. @Whosoever
    I am utterly surprised by your understanding and observation. I just made the remark by the Judge and now you are condemning judge also (Everybody in favor of Kripalu is to be condemned is your motive). This shows your bias towards the negative side. But as you have made the mad observation about the remark, my belief has strengthened about your degree of so called research.
    1) The Judge’s remark about the “SIGN ” was based on the MLC (Medico Legal Case…i thought to give the full name to remove you from the pain to understand by your fanatic mind) report, which stated that the girls showed no signs of sexual intercourse and that was the query from the Judge….Now, my dear fellow, you have not researched anything, otherwise you would have known about the “SIGN” stands for the medical report not by the physical way of “Peeping”…..So, first check then speak, thats the reason I asked to research.
    2) Your point about trinidad case…clearly emphasis your bias….when you say the money was given to drop the charges etc etc….This raises many questions to me….If they were bought by money, then what is their credibility?….For your sake if the case was genuine what were the circumstantial evidences?…have you read all of them…NO…then you are fooling around….Yes…then you better know the truth.

    I don’t want to comment more on your article as it lacks the basic logic.
    For Eg:
    1) You stand by accusation by your whole heart.
    2) You never care to research but just add the word to impress.
    3) You criticize even the judge without giving any thought to what the “SIGN” refers to.
    4) You criticize the favorable judgement by evoking the ? of money.
    5) You claim the money was used to bribe the prosecution rather than to meet out the expenses of the defense lawyers in Trinidad case…If you want details please contact Kushwant Singh as he himself has done a lot of research in this particular aspect.
    6) Your every accusation is based on yet again he saw they saw etc etc….what is this rubbish….talk sense…Anyone can formulate a speculation if he is hell bound to oppose someone….read the biography of Ramanujacharya to clarify my statement….anyway think over these aspects if you really are genuine in your approach or else…..
    “Gun Avagun janat sab koi … Jo jehi bhao neek tehi soi”….Tulsidasji.

  41. @Nilesh Vyas, How ignorant is one who speaks without being present, against those of us who were present and actually saw and heard desperate Prakasanand Saraswati frantically begging for money in his sitting room and bedroom at Barsana Dham.

    Oh no, lets be clear, he wasnt asking for money for a “defense fund” for Kripalu’s rape charges. No way. He was very specific in asking individuals and couples for large amounts of “cash” to “pay off” to get the case dropped immediately, and get Kripalu out of Trinidad and back to the devotees waiting in Barsana Dham. Further, there was quite a discussion outside the temple afterwards amongst devotees who felt pushed to hand over tens of thousands of dollars in cash virtually overnight.

    It’s totally anticipated that JKP will plant people anywhere they need them to cover up a payoff, such as Kushwat Singh, probably a friend of JKP or a JKP devotee, who will spin whatever JKP needs them to .

    Its idiotic to suggest a medical report “Sign” in your overtly simplistic language for proof of groping breasts of girls. Even the judge knew that was useless and nothing could be proven. The judge and jury never expected there to be a sane reliable medical report of breasts having been groped and french kissing having gone on. Have some sense!

    What stood out to the judge and jury was the genuineness of three girls testimonies in the witness stand as they each bravly facing their abuser. The trial results spoke in the girls favor. They won! That was their “SIGN” of Truth.

    What also stood out was the fakeness and the lies told by the defense witnesses. Lies detected by the prosecutors, judge and jury as if all were obviously “coached”. Even the prosecutor commented on this fact. In the end, all, including his closest preachers and caretakers proved they could not possibly have seen what the guru was doing every minute of the day and night.

    Not only that, some of these defense witnesses were complicit in the acts as groomers and solicitors! So of course they would lie to protect their guru, and also to keep their own asses out of jail as co-conspirators. But the jury saw right through them all. The jury got the “sign” they wanted and the only one that mattered, but the other “sign” they weren’t expecting to get was Saraswati taking off as a fugitive after he heard 20 guilty verdicts before the punishment phase .

  42. Anna — You, like dozens of other blind-faith JKP devotees before you, prefer to take every single thing I say out of context, so that you can make false statements against me. Your only hope for people not reading my book and believing the truth about JKP is to try to convince people that I am the problem. IF you had actually read my book without your prejudices, you would actually know what I experienced and how I experienced it, instead of continuing the JKP trend of telling lies about me in your attempt to kill the messenger.

    The PROBLEM is that Kripalu has been raping young girls and having supposedly consensual sex with women for decades, while robbing his followers blind. He has a long career as a spiritual conman — and no doubt he is a very good one — as proof by the many people who support him to the death. The truth is crystal clear for those capable of getting past their own egos, their own perversions, their own desires, and their own fears (or whatever is keeping them bound to a cult).

    Here is the single greatest proof that Kripalu is not at all who he or anyone claims he is: If he were really God or a Saint, his followers would be MUCH kinder people.

    I will be writing much more about these issues on

  43. Miss Karen

    I am from New Delhi, India and I am associated with Maharaj Ji since 2001. It is so shocking to hear that you have gone agaist him after rendering 15 years of service. Now you have laso moved forward in publishing a book agaist your own guru.

    Well I would like to bring to your notice that fistly Maharaj Ji never said that he is Lord Krsna or Lord Caitanya himself. Devotees consider him like that. It is the devotees choice. Second washing Guru’s feet is no where an act of indulging in sex.My mom did it it is not a sin at all. As far as sex accusation is concerned it has to be medically proved and I know it for sure you cannot prove it medically so simply saying he had sex would not work at all.

    It is fairly easy in this kaliyuga for womens like you to use the cheap material sex against anyone who did not fulfil your material desire. I can very well understand why you have gone against Maharaj Ji if I am not wrong. You served him 15 years however you did not get any material benefit in terms of money or position in the ashram or some selfish interest you had.

    I would say there is still time just surrender to Maharaj Ji and ask for his forgiveness. I know Maharaj Ji has already forgiven you however I am sure Lord Radhey Krsna would not and at the time when you would be leaving your body you would not have any choice rather than go to hell for million kalpas to suffer.

    Your wellwisher

    Radhey Krsna
    Jai Maharaj Ji

  44. There is another disciple of this Kripalu, in South India, who set up another cult in the same manner. I kept going to him for 12 years and it took me a long time to find out stuff about him. As I was reading this article, i remembered what all I saw there and is exactly the same manner and worse. These so called Gurus, not only they are child sexual abusers, but they are also bi-sexual and many of them become impotent after a time. They are masters of energy manipulation. This disciple of Kripalu, steals the sexual energy from males in order to have sex with women and also to maintain physical health, just like a parasite. He then steals energy from women by either having sex with them or just through touch, at times when he doesnt have the sexual energy reserve or when the supply from the young males is not there. The energy channel to rob, is that the disciple has to accept a formal touch or a so called ‘blessing’ ie when the Guru deceives her that its part of the blessing process).

  45. KJ has lived in the Austin ashram for years and therefore writes about her experiences. Those discounting this book or what she writes, should first gain actual experience before talking. I have been part of this so called ‘lineage’ spiritual practices and I know what she is saying is true.

  46. To the offenders,

    Guys, you people are not knowing how much heinous act you have indulged into, by blaspheming a pure Vaishnava, a pure devotee of Lord Sri Krishna, a thorough expounder of the Vedic Knowledge, Sri Kripaluji Maharaj.

    Hi Karen Johnson,
    As a ripened fruit of your pious credit which you accumulated over several lifetimes, and also by unconditional grace of Lord Sri Krishna, you have got association of a pure Vaishnava, Sri Kripaluji Maharaj. Getting association of pure devotees, that too in the age of Kali, only the most fortunate souls get it. You were one such Soul.

    But what have you done to your opportunity ?? Is this the way that you show your gratitude to Sri Krishna and His pure devotee who have mercifully given you an opportunity to purify your existence and get back to the real Home Goloka ??

    You are very very….very fortunate enough that you had an opportunity to dig deep into the knowledge of Vedas, have a thorough establishment of the Principles related to God Consciousness in your heart with all Vedic proofs, thoroughly purify yourself of the material contamination under guidance of an expert Vaishnava and go back to Goloka Vrindavana where RadhaKrishna the eternal Mom and Dad for every Soul reside, which is every Jiva’s actual Home. But what have you done ?? Just think about the stupid, non-sense allegations which you have put forth against a pure devotee. You are not realizing now to what extent you have degraded yourself.

    Its very astonishing and surprising that even after being a follower of Sri Kripaluji Maharaj for 15 years you had not understood Sri Kripaluji Maharaj to the least. I thoroughly doubt whether you had any a time listened to the lectures of Sri Kripaluji Maharaj in a proper manner, with full attention, even after he keep on saying to become attentive at the beginning of every lecture. If you had done that, you would have been protected to not to lead to this lowest level of degradation.

    Sri Kripaluji Maharaj’s lectures are enough to prove that he is a true Brahmachaari. Its not at all a small thing to explain great divine principles in a very very …very lucid and easily understandable way along with Sanskrit quotations from various Vedic Sources, along with index of the quotation in the respective Vedic Source, such that even an illiterate can understand and get thoroughly established in Love to Sri Radha Krishna with full backup of required Vedic Wisdom. Haven’t your heart felt at any point of time the divine effect after listening to Sri Krpaluji’s Lectures ??

    True Brahmacharya in thought, Word, and Deed is a back bone for spirituality without which one cannot progress in God realization and will get caught into the charms of this material world.

    Even at the age of 90, Sri Kripaluji Maharaj is preaching about Sree Radha Krishna Tatva, with full vedic proofs, and with full patience, to all the ignorant jiva’s like us. You cannot expect this from a person who is Not a True Brahmachaari. So your allegations are totally non-sense and in a way show mental instability of yours.

    In a way it appears to me that you have made all these allegations for mere Materialistic benefits. I thoroughly condemn your heinous act and request you to please sit in a quite room, and just contemplate about what you have done so far and how abominable it is on your part to blaspheme a pure Vaishnava.

    Nobody else from outside need to say about your heinous act. Your inner voice will itself say this to you. I repeatedly request you to please have a self talk, a talk with yourself and get aware of where you have put yourself now, and how much you have degraded yourself.

  47. I dont think all the allegations against kripalu ji and prakashanand is fare. they have done great service to humanity by spreading loving devotion and social work. beautiful temples then built are for general ordincary people like you and me who cant afford a big house. they created space for us so we can enjoy some of our time.
    Also sex is very part of indian spirituality. if you dont like it, don’t come near. if child is molested she and her parent would run away. this is modern society no one can keep mosleting or raping you. there had to be some consent. i am not his devotee. but like the kind of work he has done for humanity.