Acharya Trigunateet Jaimini’s name entered in the India Book of Records

Vrindavan, 2011.12.04 (AU, HT, DJ) : Vrindavan resident and head of the music department at Mangalayan University, sitar maestro Acharya Trigunateet Jaimini was honored yesterday by having his name entered in the India Book of Records for his outstanding talent and special achievements.

The primary reason for his entry into the book was the 95-minute sitar performance he gave when he was only three years old. In that performance he played many difficult rhythms that even adult artists have trouble mastering.

Acharya Jaimini also appeared on Delhi Doordarshan at the age of ten. His reputation was permanently established at the age of 11 when at the National Concert of Hindustani and Karnatak music organised by the Shri Raghvendra Swami Mission in Bangalore he displayed mastery of the Dattatreya veena in playing Dhrupada. The Limca India Book of Records lists the Dattatreya veena as a rare instrument which is held in the Music and Drama Museum.

On bestowing the award, chief editor of the Book of Records Vishwaroop Ray Chaudhuri said, “Acharya Jaimini has been selected for the youngest performer playing the toughest mathematical rhythms.”

Dr. Acharya Trigunateet Jaimini is not only an Indian classical music maestro but also a sound technologist and therapist in the field of musical meditation. He has received several prestigious honors and awards prior to this including the National Excellency Award of 2008, etc. He has performed in many sites around the world and made numerous recordings.

Born to a family of classic musicians, Jaimini was trained as a child by his devoted musician mother who would accompany him on tabla. Besides his PhD in music, he has five Master’s degrees in various other disciplines as well as a traditional degree in Sanskrit. Besides holding a post at the Mangalayan University (on the road from Mathura to Aligarh), he also has an office at the Jiva Institute in Sheetal Chaya.