Mumbai artists put on Radha-Krishna lila dance-play

Mathura, 2011.09.11 (AU): A group of artists from Mumbai put on a beautiful performance of a dance play called, “Dear friend, I am Shyam.” The play was written and directed by Neela Satyanarayan, who is Maharashtra’s first woman election commissioner.

The highlight of the performance came with the song “You are Shyam, You are Ram, you are the savior of the fallen, and the name of love,” which gave a great thrill to the spectators.

Attention was also brought to the condition of the Yamuna.

Among those attending the performance were local MLA Pradeep Mathur, who introduced the event along with Ms. Satyanarayan. The election commissioners from Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh and many other luminaries from the arts in Braj Mandal.

The production was arranged through the Rotary Club, JCI, Agarwal Club, and Giants Group with the cooperation of the Dr. R.P. Memorial Charitable Trust (Mumbai).

Neela Satyanarayan

Neela Satyanarayan is a retired civil servant who has held many important posts in the Maharashtra state government. Besides this, however, Satyanarayan has made many contributions in music and literature, having written several collections of poems and plays in both Hindi and Marathi, some of which have been translated into other languages. She has also penned the lyrics for over 150 songs and written the music for several Marathi and Bollywood movies. She has received numerous awards and honors in the field of literature and culture from around the country.



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