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Vrindavan (VT, 2011.03.30): Renowned Bhagavata speaker Kirit Bhaiji arrived in Vrindavan on Tuesday to his ashram in Devraha Ghat. The ashram is currently under construction.

Speaking with reporters from Vrindavan Today, Bhaiji said that the efforts to clean the Yamuna of all pollution will become successful when local communities participate fully. He called on the people of Vrindavan to participate fully in this effort. “The Yamuna does not belong to any single sectarian group or society,” he said, “people of all religions should pay attention to her current plight. Without the Yamuna, India itself ceases to exist.”

Bhaiji further said, “Everyone is responsible for the pollution of the Yamuna, and so this means that everyone must cooperate in reviving her.” He himself said that his own participation in these efforts will be forthcoming.



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  • Swami B.A. Paramadvaiti

    Wonderful! We must all join hands. The BVHALLIANCE provides that forum. But input must come from all responsible sides to transcend the the party spirit or indifference with other possible members. We have no time for that. No time at all.

    We need the spirit of an real emergency. Such as brough about by the Fukushima disaster. Let us assume our responsibilities as guardians of the future generation. That is a common cause for all.

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