Urgent attention on the Tribhangi lal – Yugal Kishore temple demanded

April 18, 2014

Share Vrindavan, April 18th 2014…On the occasion of the World Heritage day the civil society organizations Braj-Vrindavan Heritage Alliance & Vrindavan Youth Forum demanded the restoration of the Tribhangi Lal – Yugal Kishore Temple built with the inspiration of Shri Hariram Vyas in the sixteenth century. Some of the members of these organizations demonstrated standing […]

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Proactive approach towards environment is the solution of the natural disasters

April 3, 2014

Share “Cleaning our own campus should be everyone’s priority before we think of the environmental conditions in the outside world. We should be environment conscious in every walk of our life. If we can’t clean our own house then what to talk about the city, said Mrs. Gurinder Kaur, Principal of the Samvid Gurukulam in […]

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Don’t defame Vrindavan on the issue of widows

March 30, 2014

ShareVrindavan, 22nd March, 2014:  Concerned with the frequent defamation of Vrindavan on the condition of the widows, the Brajwasis and social activists of Vrindavan raised their voice against the organizations which are posing a threat to the tradition and culture of Vraja in guise of helping the widows. A meeting to discuss the issues of […]

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Khap Panchayat bans jeans, mobile phone, liquor in the villages of Vraja

March 27, 2014

ShareMarch 24th Goverdhan / Varsana: To keep the culture alive a Khap panchayat of Vraja has banned girls from wearing jeans. It has also decided to ban the use of mobile phones by unmarried girls, and regulated the kind of gifts offered in dowry, besides prohibiting liquor shops in villages. Yaduvanshi Panchayat which is also […]

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Making relationship is the key to happiness

March 19, 2014

ShareVrindavan, 16th March, 2014: Kanha pichkari mat maar, mere ghar saas ladegi re, saas ladegi re mere ghar nanad ladegi re….Kanha don’t splash colour on me, my mother-in-law and sister in law will fight with me, the famous song of Shri Ghasi Ram was sung by Pt. Damodar Sharma on the occasion of the Holi […]

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Sacred Groves in Mansarovar cleaned under the Eco-School Programme

January 31, 2014

Share Vrindavan, 29th January, 2014: Several trucks of the garbage were cleaned by the students of the Bhaktivedanta Gurukula & International School and Friends of Vrindavan from the Mansarovar shrine to convey a message to the visitors for not littering in the holy places.  The students were very enthusiastic to clean around the lake of […]

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Vrindavan youths wake up to protect their culture

January 31, 2014

Share Vrindavan, 28th Jaunary, 2014: Concerned with the ruthless destruction of the heritage & culture, and rapid loss of the indigenous value of Vrajwasis, the eminent youths of Vrindavan gathered in Mansarovar to form the Vrindavan Youth Forum. They felt it was time to intervene in the matters related to Vrindavan’s development. They took pledge […]

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Green activists demand complete ban on garbage burning and concretization

December 22, 2013

ShareVrindavan, 21st December, 2013: After the National Green Tribunal ordered to ban the burning of the plastic & rubber in open, the green activists geared up their demand for complete ban of the garbage burning. It causes heart diseases, cancer, asthma, skin diseases and many other diseases, observed by the group of green activist in […]

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Voice of opening the ‘Vrinda-Devi’ temple gets stronger

November 18, 2013

ShareVrindavan, November, 17th 2013: ‘Namo Namo Tulasi Krishna Preyasi’..Vrinda-Devi stuti vandana was performed by the students of the ‘Bhaktivedanta Gurukula & International School’ to glorify ‘Vrinda-Devi’ on the occasion of ‘Tulsi-distribution’ programme at the Vrinda Devi Temple situated in the ‘Govinda-Dev’ temple. The ‘Tulsi plants’ were grown in the Friends of Vrindavan’s nursery. The Tulsi […]

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Don’t litter on the land of your faith: Geeta Manishi Saint Gyananand

November 7, 2013

ShareVrindavan, November 6th 2013: Much awaited ‘Safai-krama’ was organised with the ‘Krishna-Kripa’.  Hundreds of devotees young, old, men, women and children participated in the major cleanliness drive in the Vrindavan Parikrama, named as the ‘Safai-krama’.  It was a wonderful view when the devotees were finding it as honor to get an opportunity to participate in […]

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